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3/2018: New Federal poverty guidelines have now been published so make sure that any new Affidavit of Support Form (I-864) for family petitions meets the new 2018 guidelines. See www.uscis.gov - new Form I-864P.

1/2018: A federal court in California has dealt a blow to Trump's plan to stop renewals of DACA for persons already on the DACA program. USCIS now has put in place a new procedure for people to file renewals of their DACA protection. This window to apply may close with another higher court decision as Trump challenges this new ruling so best to seek assistance and file for renewal of DACA if you are eligible now.  More information on DACA and the protests to protect it at: info@unitedwedream.org



(3/2018) Evelyn V: "It has been a long journey with you, Mr. Brill. Over six years since we won the humanitarian reinstatement case to keep my brother's case valid after my mom's death and now he has arrived here with his permanent resident status with his spouse and kids. I am so happy and thankful! Thanks for keeping at it!" 

(1/2018) Peter S: "I really appreciate all of your hard work on my behalf to obtain my citizenship. Thank you for coming into the case and answering all of  USCIS' challenges of me to gain my citizenship. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me!" 

(10/2017) Juty J: "Thank you Mr. Brill for all of your help over these years to obtain permanent resident status for both myself and my son through my marriage. It has been a long road from the TPS program to our permanent residency and I thank you very, very much!" 

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I am a practicing immigration lawyer for more than 34 years and every case is handled personally by me.  I work with all types of immigration cases from family and work visas; residency and citizenship to removal defense.  

I offer telephone consults for free and then meetings for a consultation fee in either my main office in Brookline, MA. or in my office in Lowell, MA. when I am in Lowell on Wednesdays.

I speak some Spanish as well, but friends or family members are welcome to come in and assist as needed for interpreting. 

I have families and individuals come back to me over the years to handle new cases for them and I have received a number of awards for my work in defending and helping immigrants from all over the world in family, business and immigration defense work.  

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